Transformation: Six weeks of strength & conditioning, focusing on: conditioning for health; balance & stability; calisthenics and correctional exercises. The emphasis being functional training, so developing the muscles that are used for every day performance of daily life activities. The purpose of the transformation phase is to prepare the body for the next steps.  $550


TBL Training Camp: Eight weeks of training the fundamentals of the sweet science. Boxing- specific exercises, footwork and defence are the key components practised for beginners and those that have never boxed before first . Otherwise, you’ll go through a true fighters camp (without getting hit) which includes: conditioning; strength & stability training; bag drills and a life-style change eating guide. Each eight week cycle differentiates from the other as your boxing skills and fitness level develops and improves. Going through the transformation phase is strongly suggested before attempting camp. $420 


General Fitness: Four week blocks of high and low intensity interval-type circuit training, guaranteed to get you in good physical and mental shape with consistency. The workouts are always total body and the exercises are derived from functional and high performance training. More importantly, there will always be a modification of the exercises in the circuit, so as to ensure prevention of injuries. For gains, training twice a week is essential. $200


Online Coaching: 12-week customized virtual workouts for those who prefer to train on their own or at home. These guided programs are designed based on your short and long-term wellness goals. You will receive a 1:1 virtual session to take you through your prescribed workout, a weekly 1:1 virtual check-in to make adjustments or answer any questions you might have, two complimentary videos of TBL’s dynamic warm up and posture series cool down, and a non-restrictive eating guide (a weekly menu can be provided at an additional cost). From $300

1:1 & High Performance Training: On a case by case basis. Please inquire at


A $70 initiation fee is required, prior commencing training, to ensure insurance coverage, as The Boxing Loft is a sanctioned gym under Boxing Ontario.

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Photos: Tanvi Madkaiker Photography