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We specialize in resolving some of the most common challenges-- Stress.
Time Optimization. Weight Transformation. Mental Resilience.


Meet Coach Emile, a seasoned boxing and conditioning coach, explosive dynamic movement specialist, new author, and a certified neuro movement coach with over three decades of expertise.

Emile’s journey into coaching began with a twist of fate. Starting as a track and field athlete, he shifted his focus to boxing during the 1996 Olympic Trials following an injury. This unexpected turn ignited his passion for the sport, leading to a brief stint as an amateur boxer and a couple of professional bouts.

Recognizing his true calling as a coach, Emile founded The Boxing Loft, dedicated to training and mentoring individuals interested in learning the art of boxing, commonly known as the sweet science.

Recently certified as a Neuro Movement coach, Emile’s skill set now extends to enhancing clients’ physical and mental well-being.

Emile personally commits to every client, ensuring they not only meet but exceed their fitness goals. Whether you’re an athlete aiming to enhance your explosive speed and power or an individual looking to improve your overall health and fitness through boxing, Coach Emile is your dedicated guide to success.

If you’re an athlete seeking to enhance your explosive speed and power from the ground up or aiming to develop your mental fortitude, return to the home page and enter the Elite Athletic Performance site.

The Boxing Loft Toronto

Boxing Training & Wellness Packages

Welcome to The Boxing Loft: Your Path to Enhanced Physical and Mental Wellness

At The Boxing Loft, we’re more than just boxing; we’re here to help you achieve your healthier and well-being goals. Our diverse offerings cater to your unique training preferences:

  1. Independent Workout Sessions: Reserve a time slot and enjoy your self-guided workouts.

  2. Coaching On-Demand (Video-Guided)Revamping our online platform. Fueled by your feedback and extensive research, we’re creating something exceptional for you, launching soon. Stay tuned for an enhanced experience! 

  3. In-Person Training: If you’re in the Toronto area, join us for hands-on training. We offer a range of training options to suit your needs.

  4. On-line Training: For those who are too far away and want to build strength, improve their daily functional movement, or athletes hungry to amplify their explosive speed and power.

For in-person training, a monthly membership is required to access our comprehensive programs.

Have questions or need more information? Don’t hesitate—connect with us using the contact form below. At The Boxing Loft, we’re here for your complete well-being, both physically and mentally

General Membership

Intro Boxing Class (For beginners)

Boxing Training Camp

Neuro Movement

Neuro Boxing

Personal Training

Cancellation Policy

All memberships and training packages operate on a month-to-month basis. Missed classes and sessions are forfeited unless 24-hour notification has been given. Ensuring the timely completion of your makeup sessions by the end of the month is your commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Boxing Loft differ from boxing for fitness and box-fit classes?

It’s not your typical cardio fitness class. Our focus is on refining punching mechanics, footwork, defense, boxing-specific conditioning, and all the essential elements of the sweet science.

Do I need prior boxing experience?

No, not at all. However, beginning with Intro Boxing is necessary to prime your body for the boxing training camp.

Do I need my own equipment?

For hygiene reasons, we encourage you to bring your skipping rope, a mat, and boxing gloves and wraps. (Gloves and wraps are also available for purchase on-site if needed.)

How often do you recommend I come?

Learning a new skill typically takes about six months. To optimize your progress, we recommend training at least twice a week, with three times being ideal. The brain forms neural pathways through repeated practice, a process known as neuroplasticity. The more you practice, the more these neurons wire together, making it progressively easier to master the skill set.

What payment forms do you accept?

Payment options include cash, e-transfer (send payments to, and credit card.


The Boxing Loft Gallery

What People Say About The Boxing Loft

Training with a coach at The Boxing Loft has helped me get in the best shape I’ve been in years. At first, all I wanted was to try something new. Friends suggested yoga, but I wanted to try a workout that was outside the box – something easier to prepare for than running or biking, especially as winter was coming on. Coach E’s program has peaked my interest in boxing, helped me become more mentally and physically disciplined, and provided me with a laundry list of workouts I now do almost daily at home in tandem with my training sessions.
-Kevin Younge

Coach Emile brings a true passion to both developing athleticism and technical excellence. His strength and conditioning work is both broad
including not just power and endurance, but speed, balance and coordination – and sport specific.
Training with Coach Emile at TBL has taken my conditioning and my skills to a level I couldn’t have imagined before working with him. Highly recommended whether for general body transformation, sport specific strength and conditioning or to learn true boxing skills.
-Chris Flynn

The Boxing Loft was exactly what I was looking for in a small, focused, local gym. Great for conditioning and boxing training. The workouts are rigorous and the coaching is attentive – great value for all levels. Highly recommended.
-Nicole Fowler

I signed up with Coach Emile because I was suffering from severe back pain. I soon realized that he customized his workouts to make them challenging but not so difficult as to be discouraging. And the back pain has never recurred.

I’ve now been training with him for ten years and credit him with helping me achieve my best level of fitness in many years. 
-Ian McPhail

I, 100% recommend Coach Emile to anyone who needs help and inspiration to make a healthy change in their life. He knows how to cater your training to fit your physical challenges as well as offering programs to help develop endurance, strength, and most of all, healthy nutritional choices. For those who are ready to make a solid change for their overall health, Coach Emile is your answer.
Tony Cancellara
Boxing is an incredible way to train your mind and body, and if you’re serious about putting in the effort, there’s no one better than Coach E to deliver results! He trains you the same as he would a fighter – and it’s awesome. If you’re anywhere near Liberty Village in Toronto go try a session – you won’t be disappointed.
– Katya Forsyth

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