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With Coach Emile in your corner, you can achieve all your fitness goals and even more.

With more than 25 years experience as a boxing and strength & conditioning coach, Emile will hold you accountable to your targets and goals. "I make a personal commitment to each and every client to ensure they reach, and even surpass, their individual fitness goals," says Coach Emile, who began his own athletic career in track and field.

While competing in triple jump at the 1996 Olympic Trials, the all-round athlete suffered an injury that made him refocus his energies to boxing. After a brief stint as an amateur, followed by a couple professional bouts, Emile turned his attention to training fighters through his business, The Boxing Loft.


At the downtown gym, Coach Emile built Golden Gloves champions, an Ontario Provincial champion, and was the strength and conditioning coach to former World Champion and professional fighter Natasha "The Nightmare" Spence.

Coach Emile has done it all while employing a soft-spoken and compassionate attitude towards all his clients. "I train athletes and adults of all abilities and all ages," says the Parkdale-based trainer. "Even for those with time constraints, or are brand new to exercising, I'm constantly developing unique workouts to suit their needs and to help them turn their goals into habits."



Coaching On-Demand

12-week programs for those who prefer to train on their own at home, or for those who need a facility to work out in.

This is a personalized, custom workout plan. You will receive: a 1:1 virtual session to take you through your program; a video-instructed, 12 week program that’s broken down into three 4-week phases; a simple, non restrictive eating guide and a 1:1 weekly check in session to make adjustments to your program if need be, or answer any questions you might have.


$564 monthly (36 sessions)

$97 one week trial

Transformation Sessions

Two workouts a week, for six weeks of strength & conditioning, focusing on conditioning for health, balance & stability, calisthenics. and correctional exercises.


The emphasis is functional training, -  developing the muscles that are used for every day performance of daily life activities. The purpose of the transformation phase is to prepare the body for the next steps.


$997 (12 sessions)

$247 to add non-restrictive eating plan

Boxing Training Camp

2-3 times per week, for eight weeks of boxing-specific exercises, footwork and defence for beginners or those that have never boxed before first.


Otherwise, you’ll go through a true fighter's camp (without getting hit) which includes: conditioning; strength & stability training; bag drills and a life-style change eating guide.


Each 8-week cycle changes as your boxing skills and conditioning improve.

$574 (up to 24 workouts) + $60 to add a third session per week

$35 for drop-in workout

$247 to add non-restrictive eating plan

General Membership

Train on your own in the TBL studio (during downtime hours only in Toronto, reflected in the Online Booking schedule). Unlimited training!

$144 per monthl


Prior to commencing training, a $70 initiation fee is required to ensure insurance coverage, as The Boxing Loft is a sanctioned gym under Boxing Ontario.



Training with CoachE at The Boxing Loft has helped me get in the best shape I've been in years.


At first all I wanted was to try something new. Friends suggested yoga, but I wanted to try a workout that was a outside the box - something easier to prepare for than running or biking, especially as winter was coming on.


CoachE's program has peaked my interest in boxing, helped me become more mentally and physically disciplined and provided me with a laundry list of workouts I now do almost daily at home in tandem with my training sessions. -- Kevin Young


I came to Coach E in not so great shape, due to a list of nagging injuries that I hadn't properly addressed. From the beginning, we discussed my fitness goals, and Coach E crafted a plan to help strengthen the areas of my body that would help prevent further injury so that I could move on to my longer-term goal of continuing with boxing training.


I have trained at several boxing gyms on and off over the past 8 years. As I was never training for competition, the coaches at previous gyms have understandably not given me the attention I needed to develop proper technique. I can confidently say that my
technique has never improved as quickly as it has under Coach E. He has taken the time to help me improve the fundamentals that were never instilled in me, and I am grateful for his patience and attention to detail. It is difficult to find a boxing coach that will teach you the techniques, conditioning, and strategy of boxing if you are not intending to compete but I found that at The Boxing Loft. -- Dan Cir​voice

Coach Emile brings a true passion to both developing athleticism and technical excellence.  His strength and conditioning work is both broad
- including not just power and endurance, but speed, balance and coordination - and sport specific.


Training with Coach Emile at TBL has taken my conditioning and my skills to a level I couldn’t have imagined before working with him.  Highly recommended whether for general body transformation, sport specific strength and conditioning or to learn true boxing skills. -- Chris Flynn


I signed up with Coach Emile because I was suffering from severe back pain. I soon realized that he customized his workouts to make them challenging but not so difficult as to be discouraging. And the back pain has never recurred.

I've now been training with him for ten years and credit him with helping me achieve my best level of fitness in many years. -- Ian McPhail

The Boxing Loft was exactly what I was looking for in a small, focused, local gym. Great for conditioning and boxing training. The workouts are rigorous and the coaching is attentive - great value for all levels. Highly recommended. -- Nicole Fowler

Non-Restrictive Eating Plan

To compliment your hard work, you will receive a custom guided eating plan that is realistically non-restrictive to help you succeed.

From $624




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